1 Nov 2012

New website at atti.ch

Welcom to my new website at atti.ch
I will not update this blog anymore!

13 Jun 2011

Ice Sauna, Fairbanks Alaska 2011

Lots of ice. Very..very cold heavy work but done :)

By Kimmo and me.

Tight, World Championships, Fairbanks Alaska 2011

World Ice Art Championships, Fairbanks Alaska 2011. "Tight" by Antti Pedrozo & Kimmo Frosti
Hard and technical work ;)

15 Feb 2011

13th International Ice sculptures festival - Jelgava, Latvia 2011

Peace was made by Fergus Mulvany and me ;)

2 Feb 2011

Kemi lumilinna 2011

Made this piece in Kemi in the Asterix and Obelix room :)

30 Nov 2010

Transformer - Ice 12.11. - 27.11.2010

 Transformer - I was working with Michel de Kok a Dutch artist living in Portugal . Fun and technical ;)
Work at Sculpture Events: http://www.sculpture-events.com/

29 Nov 2010

Marry Poppins enviroment Roedermond Holland, November 2010

 City enviroment of Mary Poppins, work by Charlotte Koster and me ;)
Work at Sculpture Events: http://www.sculpture-events.com/

28 Nov 2010

Portal - sandscculpting world championchip 2010

Sandsculpture PORTAL at the sand world championchip in Federl Way Seattle (USA), 13.9. - 19.9.2010

The swiss team:
Jeroen Van de Vlag
Anique Kuizenga
Niall Magee
Ludo Roders
Antti Pedrozo

25 Aug 2010

Big Ben - Zürich

Sandproject in Zürich Switzerland. Togheter with Martin De Zoete we build Big Ben. Fun as always ;) - August 2010

22 Aug 2010

Sand competition in St. Petersburg

Kin-dza-dza :)

Piece from a russian movie. It was fun and a very good time over there. I was working with artist Agnes Rudzite. - July 2010

30 Jul 2010

Lappeenranta 2010

Ankylosaurus from sand  and a dino egg ;)

Lappeenranta sandfestival. Nice time over there! - June 2010

17 Mar 2010

The trumpet orchestra, 13.3.2010

Something different...
We played 5 minutes for the audience. It was a masterpiece :)

14 Feb 2010

International ice festival in Jelgava, Latvia

12th International Ice sculptures festival

12th International Ice sculptures festival was taken part February 12 - 14 in Uzvaras park, Jelgava, Latvia.

Broken egg, 100cm high :

This is my solo peace i made. The broken egg represents the fragile and broken society around the world.

Re - mind, 300cm high:

This is the team work i did with Fergus Mulvany. It was kindda hardcore sculpting but we did it and got second place.

3 Feb 2010

T.E.H.D.A.S.ry website update

T.E.H.D.A.S.ry the assosiation of arts...

R E L A X !


1 Feb 2010

Snowcastle in Kemi Finland. 18.1. - 31.1.2010

Great experience at Kemis snowcastle. Great people and lots of work ;)

Kemin lumilinna, jääveistokset ja jääsisustus, 01/2010,


11 Jan 2010

Davos - Snowhotel

Igludorf Davos (2668m), Switzerland. Snowhotel in da mountains. December 2009. Building Snowsculptures/architecture with Jeroen Van de Vlag. It was fun and lots of work.

24 Dec 2009

3 Dec 2009

27 Nov 2009

Inflatable lungs - 5 meter

Lung installation in the Gallery Generaattori, Pori Finland 2008
Work from me and Sampo Laaksonen.
The lungs did actually inhale and exhale...

Outotalo - Car installation in 2nd floor

My car installation in Pori Finland 2009.
It was quite an interesting work to fit that real car in to the little room. It was in the second floor in a old wooden house. Light and soundscapes were present too.