30 Nov 2010

Transformer - Ice 12.11. - 27.11.2010

 Transformer - I was working with Michel de Kok a Dutch artist living in Portugal . Fun and technical ;)
Work at Sculpture Events: http://www.sculpture-events.com/

29 Nov 2010

Marry Poppins enviroment Roedermond Holland, November 2010

 City enviroment of Mary Poppins, work by Charlotte Koster and me ;)
Work at Sculpture Events: http://www.sculpture-events.com/

28 Nov 2010

Portal - sandscculpting world championchip 2010

Sandsculpture PORTAL at the sand world championchip in Federl Way Seattle (USA), 13.9. - 19.9.2010

The swiss team:
Jeroen Van de Vlag
Anique Kuizenga
Niall Magee
Ludo Roders
Antti Pedrozo

25 Aug 2010

Big Ben - Zürich

Sandproject in Zürich Switzerland. Togheter with Martin De Zoete we build Big Ben. Fun as always ;) - August 2010

22 Aug 2010

Sand competition in St. Petersburg

Kin-dza-dza :)

Piece from a russian movie. It was fun and a very good time over there. I was working with artist Agnes Rudzite. - July 2010

30 Jul 2010

Lappeenranta 2010

Ankylosaurus from sand  and a dino egg ;)

Lappeenranta sandfestival. Nice time over there! - June 2010

17 Mar 2010

The trumpet orchestra, 13.3.2010

Something different...
We played 5 minutes for the audience. It was a masterpiece :)

14 Feb 2010

International ice festival in Jelgava, Latvia

12th International Ice sculptures festival

12th International Ice sculptures festival was taken part February 12 - 14 in Uzvaras park, Jelgava, Latvia.

Broken egg, 100cm high :

This is my solo peace i made. The broken egg represents the fragile and broken society around the world.

Re - mind, 300cm high:

This is the team work i did with Fergus Mulvany. It was kindda hardcore sculpting but we did it and got second place.

3 Feb 2010

T.E.H.D.A.S.ry website update

T.E.H.D.A.S.ry the assosiation of arts...

R E L A X !


1 Feb 2010

Snowcastle in Kemi Finland. 18.1. - 31.1.2010

Great experience at Kemis snowcastle. Great people and lots of work ;)

Kemin lumilinna, jääveistokset ja jääsisustus, 01/2010,


11 Jan 2010

Davos - Snowhotel

Igludorf Davos (2668m), Switzerland. Snowhotel in da mountains. December 2009. Building Snowsculptures/architecture with Jeroen Van de Vlag. It was fun and lots of work.